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Factsheet (german) of the Federal Office of Defense and Sports (VBS)


(updated 17 November 2007)

Swiss Air Force - Fighter Squadron 17 - F/A-18 Hornet - Welcome

Welcome to the NEW HOMEPAGE of Swiss Air Force Fighter Squadron 17 "FALCONS"!

We are based on Air Force Base in Payerne. This Homepage is written by the pilots of the squadron themselves. Our goal is, to give you an interesting overview into our organisation. As well former members shall have the chance to stay in touch with our squadron, as well as getting information about formal and social events and activities.

If you want to visit the official homepage of Airforce Squadrons, follow the link below:


Official Website of Squadron 17


Fighter Squadron 17 is one of three professional Sqn's of the Air Force. We are based in the western part of Switzerland - Payerne, county of Waadt. That's the base we're flying from most of the time.


As a former Mirage III S squadron, we were the first one's to transition onto the F/A-18 C/D Hornet 1997. It was considered as "standardisation squadron" until Sqn 11 and 18 were tactical on the aircraft.


With the modern fighter aircraft F/A 18 C/D, our Squadron is an important part of our Air Defense. Our daily training is important to stay current and well trained to keep a high standard and to adapt quickly to new situations.

Our "daily life"...

In the NEWS part you get all information about our squadron, latest information und snapshots from foreign campaigns from 2006....intereseted? Goto NEWS.....


How to be "live on the flightdeck"...

During nice summer days, you have the chance to observe departing and landing jets and helicopters from the public area on our homebase in Payerne. Besides the public parking, there's a great chance to be real close to the runway. You can take pictures or just enjoy watching. Have your ear plugs ready as well for your children...


...as well on the other bases like Sion, Meiringen and Emmen you will find special areas, where you can enjoy the flight service.


At this point, we'd like to inform you, that we do not respond on requests for base tours or interviews. Thanks!

Three languages?

Due to no administrative assistance, we are not able to always translate all sites to all three languages....Sorry guy's!!!